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Lanyon Passkey - General Information - 2017 May RELEASE NOTES
What enhancements are included in the product release on May 16, 2017?
Lanyon Passkey
- On May 16th, Cvent released several enhancements to Lanyon Passkey, the travel industry’s leading group reservation technology provider
- This release introduced several improvements to Event Connector (formerly RegLink) that will streamline linking your registration provider to your events

a) A new registration page (found at Event > Details > Registration) will allow you to quickly and easily enable registration on your events with just a few clicks
b) A new and modern user interface for the Find RegLink screen (found at Event > Reservations > Find RegLink) allows you to search, manage, and connect registrations to reservations more intuitively within your events
c) A new Add-ons Report (found at Reports > Add-ons Report) can be used by all of our customers, including CityWide organizers, to see all add-ons guests have purchased within an event, or across events, for particular dates

- Please click on the attached PDF below for complete details